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On Being Free

Excerpt from Henry Plus One: The lightest feeling in the world. Free from any secret, an empty vessel, a cleared heart. The parting of the aromatic reeds with gems preserved perfectly in crystals. What once was murk is now dry ground,

for me to walk through and emerge free. The moment all my adversaries not just drop, but drown at sea. Nah, nah, told you so! You should always listen to me!

Deconstructed Passover is the celebration of freedom, and the Haggadah itself admits our liberation is incomplete, we must therefore participate in our own liberation.

The ax necessary to chop our own tree is contained within the tree itself.

There is something within us (and our own divine design) to unlock the potential within ourselves, and the MOONTH of Nisan is an “easier” time to tap our own metaphysical tree trunk so our syrup starts flowing. If we cannot connect (or accept) to being like a maple tree, we may also deny there are any creative juices flowing within us, this is a fallacy -- only our inner voice of doubt believes this -- this voice is the enemy that can be drowned at the sea of thoughts. You can create art, there is art within you. There’s a song within you, there’s a book within you, there’s a talent within you, that you can do more uniquely, more special-ly to yourself, and it is essential to labor and toil with this task. To SEARCH deep within self and uncover it so that it can be cultivated, polished and prolific in its own rite.


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