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Happy Letters Coloring Book אותיות שמחות

Familial folklore tells us that not long ago, Rabbis taught reading by placing honey on Hebrew letters so students can taste the letters. When I first shared our ancestral legend with my children, Mila said: “Ew!” and Lev said: “Can we try that with chocolate?” In Kabbalah it is believed that each Hebrew letter is a symbol, full of many inner meanings, from connection to sound, to deeper spiritual meaning. Understanding Hebrew letters provides essential insight into the deeper meanings of everything we read.

My children, Lev & Mila titled these letters "Happy Letters", because "they look happy." We hope you connect with a similar experience of happiness and joy when expressing their sounds, their colors, their numbers, and maybe even their taste!

Each letter holds two spaces, open and unstructured, and structured and formless allowing the formless and emptiness to take shape with a little imagination. Download your copy of Happy Hebrew Letters and print your coloring book instantly.


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