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Happy Names

"A dream, I dreamt." Hebrew: חלום חלמתי Inspired by a Jewish meditation-prayer to make sense of a dream. In the text, we ask that if something good happened in the dream, shall it become reality. And if something was perceived as not good, then shall it be "flipped" and become good.

name: Roni, רוני meaning: My Joy Deconstructed: Dancing ריקוד - Rose ורד - Candles נרות - Ocean ים Abstract: Happy - Scented - Tranquil - Calm

name: Lev, לב meaning: Heart Deconstructed: Livyatan לויתן- Levavot לבבות Abstract: Giant - Many Hearts

name: Mila, מילה meaning: Word Deconstructed: Mayim מים - Yam ים - Livyatan לויתן - Hibiscus היביסקוס & הר Abstract: Water - Ocean - Giant [Depth] - Tropical Mountains [Hawaii] Song [by Ricki Nelson] There isn't an ocean too deep מים - Yam ים

A mountain so high it can keep, הר

Keep me away away from my love. מילה

name: Ari [ARI-EL], אריאל meaning: Lion of God Deconstructed: Lion אריה - Dancing ריקוד - Moon ירח - Air אוויר - Whale לוויתן Abstract: King - Happy - Space - Free - Deep

Transliteration: Ha-mal-chitz Ma-tz-li-ah-ch "That which creates stress (or pressure) shall create success. " Hebrew: המלחיץ מצליח My wish for the reader is that anything which is causing stress shall lead to increased joy and personal growth! To manage stress the letters tell a story, we can garden, we can play (or listen to) music, we can swim in the depth of our mind, we can "Chai" [חי] live in the present, we can sit beneath a tree. This state of mind can create a state of flow [מים], go slow, like a turtle, swim like the whale, it is freeing like a dove, and light as a ladybug.

Transliteration: Matzati et Sheh-Ahavah Naf-shi "I found the one I love." Hebrew: מָּצָ֔אתִי אֵ֥ת שֶׁאָהֲבָ֖ה נַפְשִׁ֑י


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