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Happy Hebrew Coloring Pages Line Art

Aleph is cycling like ofanayim [אופניים, bicycle] lifting like aviron [אוירון, airplane] turbining like avir [אוויר, air] flowing through our ahf [אף, nose] and air hugging like Xs & Os

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bet is floating like barvaz [ברוז, duck] floating like balon [בלון, balloon]

gimel wonders the globe, like a gamal [גמל, camel]

daled is making dvash [דבש, honey] with a dvorah [דבורה, bee]

hey is happy, and blooming like a hibiscus [היביסקוס, hibiscus] along the har [הר, mountain] in Hawaii [הוואי, Hawaii]

vav is vered [ורד, rose]

zayin is singing like a zamar or zameret [זמר/זמרת, singer] on a

chet is a chipusheet [חיפושית, ladybug]

tet is toast [טוסט, toast] made to perfection on a toaster [טוסתר, toaster] by a tabach [טבח, chef]

yud is peace like yonah [יונה, dove]

kaf is constellations comprised of kochavim [כוכב, stars]

lamed is large like a leviathan [לוויתן, whale]

mem is muzika [מוזיקה, music]

nun is napping like a namer [נמר, tiger]

samech is spinning like a sevivon [סביבון, dreidel], sweet like a sufganiyah [סופגניה, donut, the Hebrew version of the Polish paczki] with sprinkles

ayin is an all-seeing eye [עַיִן, eye] watching the world [עולם, world]

peh transmits thought to speech, and can feel tranformative like a parpar [פרפר, butterfly]

tzadki takes its time, like a tzav [צב, turtle]

kuf is both kar [קר, cold] and hot like kafe [קפה, coffee] made in a kumkum [קוּמקוּם, kettle] with extra krem [קרם, cream]

resh is dancing like rikud [רִקוּד, dance] to a song over the ramkol [רַמקוֹל, speaker] where you can dance or do the robot [רובוט]

shin is shamayim [שמיים, sky] where the shemesh shines [שמש, sun] by day, and saturn [שבתאי, saturn] shines at night; the sixth [שישי] planet from the sun.

tav is tarnegol [תרנגול, rooster] eating tiras [תירס, corn]


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