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Happy Letters Applications of Technology With Art

Happy Letters enable silent communication via visual light for an IoT world.

To simplify, Happy Letters enable communication via visual light for an IoT world. After hearing the impact verbally, Roni was determined to create a similar impact, visually, and Roni continued developing Happy Letters to enable other places and things that are inanimate or cannot communicate on their own, the ability to communicate via visual light, and not be limited to verbal vibration.

[usecase #1: Plants - Soil Health] On the surface level this means when soil in the garden is dry, a light turns on allowing the plant to communicate their message of "water me!" If you feel like you weren't born with a green thumb you can benefit from the increased well-being of being surrounded by plants by benefiting from visual cues. [usecase #2: Hospitals & Human Health] In a hospital setting and other environments where patients require deep rest, Light Letters allow for sound-free communication. This ensures a patient is not awakened at three hour intervals when an IV drip is empty, which continues to be the status quo in 2022. Roni believes and has witnessed how the environment often contradicts the Doctor's orders of deep rest when sound interferes and disrupts our body from entering deep and healing rest. [usecase #3: Water, Air, Nature and Beyond] Additional applications of Light Letters allow us to be more mothering toward nature. In other words, Light Letters give nature a voice. Trees that need relocation can transmit a signal via Light Letters. Water quality of lakes, rivers and drinking water can be signaled via Light Letters. And the air quality inside our homes or office spaces can be transmitted to us via Light Letters for data that is otherwise invisible or inaccessible. [usecase #4: VR and Online Gaming] Happy Letters communicate similar to a stoplight for traffic. Programmable Happy Letters communicate via an IFTTT applet to alert you or your child in the case of a potentially traumatic online event happening nearby, such as a demonstration of anti-Semitism, hate speech, profanity or other behavior you want to guard children and minors from experiencing in the physical world. Via WAX technology, the metaphysical Happy Letters are minted in a clean & #CarbonNeutral way that is friendly to our environment. The initial release of Happy Letters is a 44-set NFT. Holders of the metaphysical NFTs receive access to a POD which allows the creation of physical art. As the art evolves holders of the NFT receive an OBJ and/or STL 3D print file to mature their 2D art into 3D objects, and as the art evolves further, the 3D printed file connects to a Happy Letters IoT controller to manage its signals and enable their 3D objects to transmit visual signals. Roni is interested to meet Impact Investors who care about harmonizing technology with our natural environment and who are interested in Calm Technology to expand Light Letters into various industries. Human Communication began at the speed of sound, and now we are ready to interpret signals at the speed of light.


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