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Aleph Playground

Aleph Playground is a metaverse and open-exploration space existing in Roblox designed by Roni Leibovitch. This space is designed for students age 6-10 (and parents of any age,) as well as educators who seek a tranquil, positive, and immersive experience for learning Hebrew and basic 3D skills.

This world is designed to facilitate four structured activities, and one set of unstructured experiences for groups of 8, and can support up to 99 simultaneous visitors in a private server.

Educators guide their students toward making new connections with one another, and to each letter’s sounds through a series of activities. The activities are: A) Scavenger Hunt 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet are hiding. In an untimed challenge, students search to find every letter. Students who complete this challenge receive a Happy Aleph badge. B) Celebrate Your Shem: Celebrate your Hebrew name

In this activity, students receive the first letter of their Hebrew name as 2D lineart [PDF] to print. Advanced students can also opt to receive their full name in 2D lineart. Students color and draw their favorite animal, flowers, food, and shapes which begin with their respective letter(s). The student or parent then scans or photographs their 2D work to be magically transformed into the Aleph Gallery where students display their creative expression in front of their class.

Students who complete this activity receive a Happy Name badge.

C) Color Your Creation In this experience students are introduced to 3D design and learn how their Avatar’s clothes take form. Students receive a template and guidance on how to paint their shirt, and advanced students can design their entire outfit. Students who complete this activity get a Happy Designer/Fashion badge.

D) Dress your Robloxian & Fashion Show In this class, students learn how to upload their design as a metaverse wearable, and wear their unique Happy Name on their avatar. Aleph playground transforms the experiences from B & C into a digital wearable so students can wear their creation as a keepsake from Aleph Playground. Students describe their design, and share their creative expression. Students who complete all four experiences get their name added to the Aleph Playground leaderboard and a Happy Hebrew badge.

E) Just for Fun

Students collaborate to co-experience:

Flying the aviron (airplane) Gliding to collect glida (ice cream)

Rocketing Happy Shuttle (our space ship)

Planting a perach (flower) in the garden

And finally, this space also allows for portals to other private servers for students to co-experience their favorite challenges together for parent-approved games. For more information, or to be notified about when this world is released contact Roni.


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