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Happy Letters: What Preceded The Alphabet Poster

After many days of reading Hebrew in black ink on white paper, I decided to infuse many colors into the letter Aleph. I liked it! My kids liked it! They asked me to copy my Aleph so they can color it in their own favorite colors. The Aleph was an Aryeh, a Lion. One Lion was yellow, another was orange, another was pink and gold! Xs, Os, hearts and flowers adorned Lion's colorful mane. The Aleph seemed happy and so were its creators. "Should we do Bet tomorrow?" "Yes!" both children screamed with the usual intense raw enthusiasm! "You know, they used to make us lick these letters!" "Ewwwww." Mila said in slight disgust. "Yea, with honey!" I explained the ancestral folklore. "Ewwwww, honey!" Mila displayed her disdain! "Yummy!" her sibling Lev, countered. "But can we do it with chocolate instead?" Hebrew letters are unique in the sense that some letters are lifting, and carrying, and others are dipping, and stretching! From a child's perspective it's possible ALL of them look like they are ready to give you a hug!

In Kabbalah it is believed that each Hebrew letter is a symbol, full of many inner meanings, from connection to sound, to deeper spiritual meaning. Understanding Hebrew letters provides essential insight into the deeper meanings of everything we read. My children titled my style of Hebrew letters "Happy Letters", because "they look happy." We hope you connect with a similar experience of happiness and joy when learning their sounds or adding your colors! Happy Letters make a great edition for a reading nook, a child's nursery or a space of your choice. Roni + children would love to share their Happy Letters with everyone through a 26-page illustration book in PDF Format so you can print your own, as our gift! Share your colors with the hashtag #HappyLetters so we can see! Roni's High-Resolution Hebrew Happy Letters are also available in 300 DPI high-resolution Print-on-Demand Art via Etsy. To be included in my twice-monthly micro-updates newsletter sign up. For custom curations contact Roni, who jumps with joy, and does a happy jig somewhere in Michigan every time their Happy Letters write on someone else's wall!


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