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Discovering and Remedying the Limits of 3D Hebrew Text in TinkerCAD

I am producing a 3D printed book cover for one of my children. The text is in Hebrew which is a right-to-left language and TinkerCad was designed for English, a left-to-right language.

One limitation of the text tool I encountered was that I needed to write the text backwards in [RTL] Hebrew in order for it to appear in the correct order on the TinkerCad baseplate. That means in order to render ABC, my Text value needs to be "CBA". At first iteration this seems to remedy the RTL v. LTR bug within the text tool. When exporting the design to an STL file, however, the text renders as its text value which is the opposite of how it renders within the tool. I tweeted my digital SOS, and I'm happy to report TinkerCad replied and opened a support ticket.

Writing right-to-left text is a limitation of the tool, and the officially prescribed remedy according to TinkerCad is to create a text file separately and export it as an SVG file.

By creating, downloading and importing an SVG file of the similar text, the STL file I output for print is rendered in the correct RTL format and prints correctly.


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