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The Electric, The Magnetic, Tiferet

Transliteration: Tee-f-eh-ret Deconstructed: Tiferet is translated as glory and beauty. It has a lot more depth. Tiferet is a synthesis, a contrast. The moon is pretty and the ocean is pretty, and the moon over the ocean is tiferet.

If thoughts are electric. In electricity, crossing over the Tiferet [logic] gate would reverse the charge of the circuit.

If feelings are magnetic. In magnetism, crossing over the Tiferet path results in a reversed polarity.

In memory, flipping the perspective of a negative experience can bring a new perspective to how you feel about something and make it positive.

In judgement, Tiferet is like rachamim [רחמים], compassion. Tiferet is the balance between chessed and gevurah, kindness & discipline, and is often called “mercy”. Mercy is when one has complete power over another, to judge and to punish, but instead leans toward the opposite pole of kindness, and lets them go, lets them off the hook.

Physiologically, Tiferet is our spine that connects body to mind. In astrology, Tiferet is the sun, the power center of our Universe.


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