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Happy Names

name: Roni, רוני meaning: My Joy Deconstructed: Dancing ריקוד - Rose ורד - Candles נרות - Ocean ים Abstract: Happy - Scented - Tranquil - Calm

name: Lev, לב meaning: Heart Deconstructed: Livyatan לויתן- Levavot לבבות Abstract: Giant - Many Hearts

name: Mila, מילה meaning: Word Deconstructed: Mayim מים - Yam ים - Livyatan לויתן - Hibiscus היביסקוס & הר Abstract: Water - Ocean - Giant [Depth] - Tropical Mountains [Hawaii] Song [by Ricki Nelson] There isn't an ocean too deep מים - Yam ים

A mountain so high it can keep, הר

Keep me away away from my love. מילה

name: Ari [ARI-EL], אריאל meaning: Lion of God Deconstructed: Lion אריה - Dancing ריקוד - Moon ירח - Air אוויר - Whale לוויתן Abstract: King - Happy - Space - Free - Deep

name: Joe, ג'ו meaning: English abbreviation for Joseph [יוסף], "God will add" Deconstructed: Camel גמל - Rose ורד Abstract: Desert - Rose There are 6 Hebrew Letters that can appear with a dot [dagesh] in the middle. They are Bet, Gimel, Dalet, Kaf, Pey and Tav. ב ג ד כ פ ת. The dagesh differentiates between a soft and a hard pronunciation


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